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Mr. Prime Old Tyme Butcher

Quality and Service

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A Famous Butcher Shop

At Mr. Prime Old Tyme Butcher, we've been providing you with the best meats, cheeses, fresh cakes and pies for 65 years!

Healthy red meats

From delectable American lamb to veal cutlets and chops, we have plenty of red meats available that taste great and are good for you.

Incredible pork chops

Moist white meats

Tender beef

You won't find another store that can match our selection of prime meats, dry-aged steaks, grass-fed beef, and chuck ground to order!

If you're tired of red meat, check out our all-natural poultry! With no antibiotics or hormones, it's a great choice for dinner.

Stop buying pork chops at the grocery store and come to us to take home the best chops you'll ever eat - our incredible pork chops.

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